The following is a partial list of endorsements for my candidacy for Lake County Superior Court Judge.


“Shanda is the best choice for Superior Court Judge to protect and serve all our families, businesses and our County as we move decisively into the future.”

Bruno Sabatier, Mayor, City of Clearlake


“I have always known Shanda to be straightforward and fair. With her background and strong work ethic, I am confident she will make a great judge. Shanda has the full support of the Lake County Correctional Officers Association.”

Cody Risser, LCCOA President


“I rarely endorse anyone or anything but sometimes you meet a person that makes you come out of the shadows and take a stand. I have only known Ms. Harry for a short time but she has impressed me with her poise and legal acumen. Having retired from 30 years of law enforcement I firmly believe that Shanda is the Superior Court judge that Lake County needs and deserves.”

Scott SerenaRetired, Law Enforcement, Musician


“I wanted to publicly thank you for the time you took out of your busy day to come and speak with my class. Your inspiring words, patient explanations, and your honesty about the path you’ve taken to get where you are made an impact on those 26 Lower Lake High freshman. I am constantly using your story as an example about doing what makes you happy, doing what is right, and not measuring success based on the amount in your checkbook. You’re a great example of if you’re doing what you love – you won’t work a day in your life. I thank you for your time, for your service to our county and support you in this endeavor. And if my students were allowed to vote, I bet you’d have an added 26 votes come June.”

Courtney Van Leuven, Teacher, Small Business Owner


“Shanda Harry’s knowledge of the law and her passion for public service will benefit our community.”

Wilda Shock, Community Volunteer


“Shanda is intelligent, level-headed and compassionate.  She would make an excellent judge.”

Denise Rushing, Former Supervisor, Lake County


“I am pleased to endorse Shanda Harry for Superior Court Judge. I find her to be the most qualified candidate based on her superior education, broad experience and deep roots in Lake County. It is a pleasure to endorse someone who knows and has been a part of Lake County her entire life, left to pursue her education and returned to contribute to the betterment of the county and residents. I believe she will be looking forward to the future of the county while remaining mindful of  history. I could not be more pleased to see Shanda elected to the post of Superior Court Judge.”

Barbara Ehr, Supporter

“As her mother, I am extremely proud of all her accomplishments over the years.  She has always been a delight to have as a daughter and I feel she would make a great judge as she has always been a remarkable person, dedicated to fairness, justice and equitable rights for everyone.”

Wynona Harry, Shanda’s mother


Shanda has experience in diverse and complex legal issues. She will be well suited to serve as a superior court judge.

Mary Amodio, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Mary Heare Amodio

Mary Amodio, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Mary Heare Amodio

Doyle Awtrey, Business Owner – Retired

                      Mary Benson – Real Estate Broker

                      Bill Bennett – Airport Agent, Retired

                      Kyle Bill 

                      Susan Blair

                      Pamela Bordisso, Comm. College Counselor

                      Mark Boyle, Engineering Consultant

                      Lucia Boyle, Community Volunteer

                      Victoria Brandon, Enviornmental Activist

                      Kim Cole, Accountant, Robinson Rancheria

                      Cheryl Cole. Owner, Meadowood Nursing Center

                      John Cole

Judy Conard, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Judy Conard

                     Paula Cook, Executive Director

E. J. Crandell, Tribal Chair and incoming Supervisor, District 3, County of Lake

Pierre Cutler, Marketing Manager

                      Candace DeLos Santos, Executive Director

Barbara Ehr, Educational Psychologist

                      Sarah Ferguson, Environmental Protection

Barbara Flynn, Real Estate Agent

                      Marlene Fielding, Retired

Gloria Flaherty, Retired Executive Dir.

                      Nancy Harby, Retired Teacher

                      Norma Harrington-Hodges, Victim Advocate (Retired)

                      Douglas Harris, P/T faculty, Woodland Community College

Sissa Nelson Harris, P/T faculty, Woodland Community College

Rich and Wynona Harry

                      John Hess III – Lake County Planning Commissioner

                      Annette Higday – Teacher

                      Robert Higday – Parole Agent

Shirley Howland, Retired Teacher

                      Chloe Karl, President, Lake Co. Community Radio

                      Sharon Lerman, Attorney

Carlene Leskar, Community Volunteer

Clovice Lewis, Contractor – Advanced Housing Technologies

Kim Lewis, President/Owner, KL Design Solutions

Heather Levin, Entrepreneur

Kyle Lewis, Director of Marketing, Twin Pine Casino & Hotel

                      Judith Luchsinger, Former Superintendent of LC Schools

Joshua Lunn            

Roberta Lyons, Community Volunteer

Madelene Lyon, Retired

Harry Lyons, Retired Professor

Josefina Galvan De Martinez, Business Owner, La Fiesta Market

Katherine Morgen, Nonprofit Consultant

Graham Lloyd, Visual Artist

Abby Leutholdt, Sales Manager

Arnaud Hubert, Global Web Producer

Katherine Andre, PhD

                      Martin Scheel

Thomas Marquette

Gail Marquette, RN-FNPC

Anita McKee, Real Estate Broker

Valerie Meyer-Nixon, Retired Park Ranger

Martha Mincer,  Principal and Founder, Stonehill

Anni Minuzzo, Food Business Consultant

Paula Mune, Teacher

                      Tamsen Nash, Teacher

Gillian Parrillo, Group President, Sterling Software, Inc. (Retired)

                      Nancy Rhoades, Ret. Probation Officer, Lake County Probation

                     Cody Risser, President, Lake County Correctional Officers Assn

Anne Rubin, Health Center Manager

Denise Rushing, Former Supervisor – Lake County

                      Bruno Sabatier, Mayor, City of Clearlake

Steven Sartori

                      Bob and Bonnie Schall, Kelseyville

Carol Schepper

Steve Schepper, Physician

                      Wilda Shock, Community Volunteer  

                      Scott Serena, Musician

Olga Martin Steele

Janet Swedberg

                      Joy Swetnam

Mireya Turner, Mayor – City of Lakeport

D. Benjamin vanSteenburgh III, Former Public Defender/Artist

                       Jeannie Vierra, Massage Therapist

                      Evelyn Wachtel, Community Volunteer

                      Marsha Wharff, Retired Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder

                      Jeremy Wichlaz, Correctional Officer

Kathi Williamson

Kathy Windrem, Community Volunteer

Peter Windrem, Retired Attorney

Greta Zeit, Owner, Backyard Garden Oasis B&B

                      Broc and Sharron Zoller, Farmers

                      Brenda Alton

                      Randall Fitzgerald, Former President, Lakeside Heights  HOA

                      Sasha and John Reynolds 

Steven Wylie, Director of Campus Operations

Sarah Jansen

Larry and Kathy Jansen

Juliana Vidich, Owner, Highland Springs Equestrian Center

Bill and Dana Kearney  Owners, North Lake Pharmacy

Jane McKnight and Gene Renner, Retired Business Owner

Marie Giovanna, HOA Manager

Anita McClary 

Philip and Angela Blair 

Tom and Dale Evans 

Bob Carpenter and Barbara Funke, Community Volunteers

Tje Koski, ICU Nurse, Sutter Hospital, Retired

Amber Sheridan, Owner, Muse Photography



Organizational Endorsements

Lake County Correctional Officers Association

Lake County Democratic Party

Robinson Rancheria

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