"My family has lived in Lake County for three generations. I cherish this county and will work to ensure a safe, strong, successful community while protecting and preserving Lake County’s history, unique resources and diverse culture."
- Shanda Harry -

Kickoff – South County

Middletown Art Center

March 11, 2018

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Kickoff – North Shore

North Shore Event Center

March 10, 2018

northshort kickoff
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northshort kickoff5
northshort kickoff6
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Shanda attends the Middletown Area Merchants Association Breakfast

February 6, 2018

mama photo
Middletown Area Merchants Association Breakfast at the Cowpoke Cafe on Tuesday, February 6, was a great time to check-in with fellow business people.

In attendance in February were 
  • member, Mary Heare Amodio, Law Offices of Mary Heare Amodio 
  • MAMA director nominee, Robert Bocabella, Business Design Services
  • member, Shirley Foster, Star Bookkeeping
  • member, Terry Yee, Twin Pine Casino and Hotel
  • MAMA director nominee, David Thurber, Tri Counties Bank
  • member, Jacie Casteel, Sterling Mortgage
  • Superior Court Judge candidate, Shanda Harry
  • members, Karen and Bob Ellenberg, Unity Adjustments 
  • MAMA director, Mark Rudiger, Lake County Websites & Computer Repair
  • member Greg Rodgers, Mountain High Coffee and Books
  • MAMA director, Sam Euston, Euston Productions
  • MAMA director, Duane Harper, Hardester’s Markets
  • MAMA president, Beth Rudiger, Lake County Jazzercise

Clovice Lewis “Me and My Cello” Benefit Concert

Soper-Reese Theatre

April 13, 2018