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Harry has a deep knowledge of and experience in the law, a lot of patience, the ability to see many points of view, an attention to detail and strong, impartial decision-making skills.


Harry has an extensive and impressive background in law as Deputy District Attorney, Deputy County Counsel for Lake County, Tribal Prosecutor/ICWA Attorney and Litigation Associate for several large law firms.


With a strong belief in justice and integrity, Harry is committed to protecting the people of this County while making the system work fairly.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

“All who enter my courtroom will be listened to and treated with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled.”

– Shanda Harry –

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December 7, 2018
Registrar of voters releases final ballot count for November election; Measure L wins passage

Final Results are Released for 2018 November election.

Turnout was 65.7 just 7 percentage points less than the November 2016 presidential turnout.

As for my race: "In what was the year’s most ... See more

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – The final results are in for the Nov 6. statewide general election, with the updated count showing that a south county fire tax passed and the placement in two school board ... See more